Scoot a City was established in 2016 by a guy with a passion for the emotion that motion on 2 wheels provides!  Our Head Scooterista, Ben Gary, grew up riding and racing dirt bikes before turning to riding and racing street bikes.  However, the seeds that would sprout Scoot a City would be the purchase of Ben’s first scooter over a decade ago, which he still rides today, along with a Vespa experience with his wife while visiting Rome in 2014.  These events culminated in the epiphany that the vast majority of people in American cities were missing out on the fun and efficient experience that scooting a city uniquely provides.

Our mission is to help you START YOUR ADVENTURE & GET AROUND the city via scoot!  We accomplish our mission through our bespoke Vespa rental and delivery program and our Vespa guided tours.  Our service delivers large doses of convenience, excitement, exhilaration, fun and freedom creating thrilled customers or scooteristi, and that is why we thrive.

We adhere to our SCOOTER values ensuring you have an exceptional experience with us resulting in experiences of a lifetime for you!

Service – Everything we do revolves around service to our customers and is the heart of who we are.

Convenience – We recognize the high value of delivering ultimate and unparalleled convenience to our customers.

Outstanding – Good is good, but not good enough for us, so we strive to be outstanding in the service we provide our customers. 

Originale – Our service is different, original and evokes Italy by design, indeed a unique and beautiful little place in this big world.

Trustworthy – Our customers rely on us to be trustworthy in all we do when providing us the opportunity to be of service.

Experience(s) – Our founder has extensive customer service and scootering experience and is passionate about delivering unrivaled experiences for our customers.

Responsive – Our customers are our most important stakeholders and we must remain responsive to their needs and desires.