There are many reasons to scoot, but here are some of the obvious:

ADVENTURE! – Nothing screams adventure like a fully accessorized Vespa with GoPro, GPS, Helmet communication, Luggage, Picnic blanket, Surfboard rack and unlimited places to explore.

TIME! – Time is the great equalizer, but scooting is anything but and will get you around the city much quicker than car. What is your time worth?

EFFICIENCY! – Scoots are incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly; Our 150’s get 117 MPG and meet Euro 4 emissions standards!

CONVENIENCE! – Scoots can be parked much easier than cars and typically much closer to entrances of establishments such as cafes, retail shopping, restaurants and hotels.

STYLE! – Italians have style and Vespas are timeless proof; our accessorized Vespas are guaranteed to turn heads, get people talking and score you major style points while on your adventure!

EXPERIENCE! – Scooting is a very memorable experience, much different than most other modes of transportation. Once you do it, you’ll never forget it. How memorable was your last rental car or taxi ride?