Hollywood Stars Vespa Tour

TOUR DESCRIPTION: Scoot to the best places in the City of Angels to observe the stars, both celestial and celebrity! The tour highlights include panoramic views from the Griffith Observatory, scooting down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and perhaps the best vantage points of the Hollywood Bowl and Hollywood Sign in all of Los Angeles. The tour begins at No Ghost Bears Coffee, a recognized espresso shop in Los Angeles and ends at Grand Central Market, one of Los Angeles’ most historic and beloved food markets with an array of culinary delights. Public transportation to and from this tour is readily accessible or, better yet, enhance the experience and save money by booking a Vespa on consecutive days to the tour and we’ll pick up and deliver your Vespa to your door step!

TOUR DURATION: Approximately 3 hours

TOUR DISTANCE: Approximately 45 miles

TOUR BEGINS: Sundays, 9:00am, No Ghost Bears Coffee in Downtown Los Angeles (305 E 8th Street, #3, Los Angeles, CA 90014)

TOUR ENDS: Sundays, 12:00pm, Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles (317 S Broadwoay, Los Angeles, CA 90013)

TOUR INCLUDES: Vespa scooter (equipped with top case and backrest for passenger), upgraded ¾ helmet with UCLEAR AMP Pro communication device for guidance information and fun facts from the tour guide, at least three (3) stops at famous picturesque locations during the tour, coffee or espresso from No Ghost Bears and food and beverage from Grand Central Market. Bottled water is also provided during the tour. Tour participants also receive 20% off Scoot a City Vespa rentals and accessories booked on consecutive days to the tour.

TOUR PRICE: $200 per individual or $300 per couple (20% off with Vespa rental booked consecutive days to the tour)

Tour Booking Form

Instructions: Please complete the following form and submit and we will be in contact soon to confirm tour availability. Riders must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid motorcycle license. Passengers must be able to reach the passenger footrests of the scooter.